MonoDevelop for Unity

Remember Mono? (No. I don’t care whether you work alone). You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t! so let’s cut to the chase: MonoDevelop was Unity’s primary C# editor for the best part of Unity’s history. Problem was, one, Mono –or more specifically Xamarin , Co.- decided to discontinue MonoDevelop for Windows (if you have a Mac or you use a flavor of Linux, you can still get it the easy way)., and two, Microsoft made their premium product -Visual Studio- free. So Unity Technologies switched to Visual Studio. For much of their customer base, this was a good move (Visual Studio is by far the better solution). But for a few (I really don’t know, but my money’s on newbies), this was a nightmare; not only would they be stepping away from their beloved MonoDevelop, but they’d be stepping into a 2GB-per-update product which they wouldn’t be using most of the time, anyway! Besides, Mono is just 100MB is size, while Visual Studio weighs 7-15GB (fully installed). So for those few who were low on space already, this was a dilemma (partly ‘cause Mono was discontinued).
We’re only hallway to the problem. Part two: Xamarin stopped offering downloads for their product and mirrors hosting MonoDevelop were scarce (with good reason too! Mono was a buggy C# solution). So for any soul searching for MonoDevelop, only disappointment could be found.
If you’re one of the unfortunate few, I offer you salvation. I found a pretty recent version of Mono in a ghost copy of their servers and I thought it’d be a good idea to share it with the world. Not many folk will really want an old, discontinued and buggy compiler, but if you really do, here’s the link:

|MonoDevelop| (40MiB)

Hey! We ain’t done just yet! You still have to install it, remember?
To install Mono, just double-click on the file you downloaded, and specify the location at which you would like to install Mono (it’s a 7-zip self-extracting archive).

Once it’s all done decompressing, open the extracted directory and install GTK# (located at “MonoDevelop > GTKShrp”).

Now, open “MonoDevelop > bin > MonoDevelop.exe” (that’s the actually program).

It’ll take a few seconds and you’ll be presented with this screen.

There you go. You now have a small-size C# solution installed on your space-restricted PC. I will not be guiding you through whole process of attaching the Unity editor and writing your C# script and all that, I suppose you know that already ‘eh?

Happy Coding! 🙂