Ads, eh? At times, they hide the page you’re trying to read behind un-closable boxes, at others they make you buy stuff you don’t need. Whatever you think of them, they’re always an annoying nuisance. But look at them from a publisher’s point of view and suddenly, you need that ad revenue. Up to a point they’re OK. However, cross that fine line and you end up making less than you would’ve otherwise. In our opinion, little banner ads and stuff are alright, but big ol’ full screen ads are just a pain in the you-know-where!
Lately, link-shortners (Adfly comes to mind…) have been using these full-screen ads to make a lot of money. But people just abuse them, often hiding content behind five or six link shortners. Using one is, I suppose, fine (‘cause hey! That’s money to be made just lyin’ there. So why not?). But more than that is just unacceptable. Besides, Adfly’s been using a thing called “pop-ads” to make more money (you click “Allow Notifications” and little pieces of sh*t keep appearing every few minutes). Personally, I think that’s a step too far. So that’s why I’m writing this. To help you kill Ad-flies once and for all! (BTW this is revenge for everyone on the internet who used 5 layers of ads on me!)

Now, before we start we have to tell you that we’re not like other sites. We fact-check every word we write before posting it. So this method is 100% guaran-damn-teed to work. Plus, it’s a lot easier than all the other tuts we’ve found!
Almost forgot! This is the most painless, secure and easiest way to bypass link-shortners. It’s so simple that you don’t even have to copy-and-paste short links, they unravel alone! Confused? Read-on.
Most link-un-shortners make some money themselves by showing you ads on their page and stuff. But Tim Speckhals (AKA timmyRS) made a no-ad fly swatter (get it? ‘cause it kills adfly). Anyway, it’s a small extension that uses magic (just kidding! It’s just brilliant code!) to bypass short-links on the fly (No pun intended). Now hold on, before you start screaming ya head off on how dangerous browser extensions can be, know that; one: we’ve thoroughly checked this ourselves. And two: it’s a FOSS application (source code’s on GitHub so you know it’s legit). And three: it’s on the Chrome web store, and Google scans ‘em better than we do! Firefox fans, relax: Timmy got you covered with his Firefox app.
Now that you know it’s not a virus, let’s proceed. Download the extension from respective stores.

Chrome Webstore

Firefox Addon Store

Click on this link: (it’s Adfly. Duh! We’re checking to see if it works?)

You’ll find yourself back at the start of this page. But did you go through a fly? (Did you see any ads?). If your answer’s “No”, congrats you’re browser’s all set to hit those flies ‘till they drop dead. (And, if you’re wondering, a single short link will earn the publisher $0.05 per visit)

Moreover, it’s not just Adflies it can kill. It can also bypass “”, “”, “”, “”, etc. (in short, it can get you through any link-shortner. Except one!)

Yay! Now you have a top-of-the-line, automatic-fly-killing, no-nag super browser. Have fun skippin’ ads!

If you’re a content provider, and you’re finding life hard ‘cause of this little thing, use “”. It’s a “good” link shortner. Meaning it won’t hog a user with a billion ads and kill your repo. Plus, it’s un-bypassable. If you’re interested, here’s the link. (Oh, and they’re also on YouTube’s whitelist. Meaning you can drop the in your video description and Google won’t remove them)

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